Tony’s Braised Brill in a Beurre Monte Sauce


  • 5lb flat fish (split over the two dishes)
  • 1lb mussels
  • 1lb smoked bacon
  • 1 bottle of craft cider
  • Leek
  • Shallot
  • Fennel
  • Garlic
  • Butter
  • Vinegar


Fillet the fish using a curved boning knife, press against the backbone to cut clean fillets. Skin the fillet by placing the knife under the skin and pulling the skin to remove. Wash the fillet to ensure all scales are removed.

Prepare the mussels checking they are clean and tightly closed, remove beards.

Chop the bacon, leeks and fennel and finely chop garlic.

Simmer the mussels in the craft cider until they open. Remove from heat and strain, retaining the liquor for the sauce.

Remove the meat from the mussels and set aside.

Add the bacon to a pan to render out the fat and allow to caramelise, add the chopped leeks, fennel and shallots. Add the mussel stock into the pan and bring up to temperature. Add the fish fillet to the pan to poach.

Remove fillet when poached and allow to rest.  Reduce stock and add cubes of chilled butter to create the Beurre Monte sauce, add a touch of vinegar. Add the cooked mussels.

Baste the fillet with butter then plate up with the Beurre Monte sauce.