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Farming The Wild


Farming the Wild celebrates hunting as a way of gathering sustainable wild food. The show delves into all aspects of the hunting tradition, across borders, in different cultures. The show educates and informs, and focuses on the food aspect of hunting. The emphasis is on harvesting wild meat, rather than hunting for sport or pure pleasure.

Most of the large species pursued and hunted are female or cull animals – the antler element is only looked at as a way of identifying age or quality. There is never a celebration when an animal is harvested. We believe in paying respect to the quarry and appreciating that an animal has died that we can eat – a basic hunter – gatherer trait that is in evidence in all primitive cultures.

Skills are key, and fieldcraft is showcased throughout the show, as well as the equipment and training to use it to the full. We meet experts in the field of hunting and conservation, and the challenges faced by invasive species. We focus on carcass preparation and cooking skills. Outdoor cooking is a key skill that we delve into, as well as following Mike into his Michelin starred restaurants. The secrets of how great chefs prepare game will be revealed. This show will take the viewer from the field all the way to the kitchen. The viewer will learn to cook world class game based dishes, and learn useful preparation skills.

Farming the Wild is THE brand for responsible, environmentally aware wildlife management and usage. The ethos is acquiring wild protein, the fieldcraft, respect for quarry, and the love of outdoors.

Fishing The Wild


Audiences follow host Mike Robinson as he harvests fish from the wild that make up his award-winning dishes. More than just a fishing show, Mike guides viewers through step-by-step preparations to transform their catches into a delicious meals they too can cook for family and friends.

As a seasoned fisherman, Mike shares the many unique skills and techniques he uses for fishing. In addition he meets experts in their field who help him to sustainably catch some of the most incredible ingredients from both fresh and salt water. As a chef, Mike also shares the professional methods and tips to help viewers elevate their wild fish cooking into truly Michelincaliber food, both at home and over their campfires.

With an emphasis on conservation and sustainability, Fishing the Wild will appeal to both outdoor enthusiasts and foodies alike. It will challenge its viewers to do more with their wild catch and show them how they can elevate and delight with dishes they can prepare both at home in their kitchens and outside in the wild.

Wild Game Masterclasses


Mike’s 24-minute masterclasses are the ultimate ‘how to’ for those wanting to dive deeper into the technical aspects of using wild food. Each 10-part series is predominantly studio-based with multi-camera views, but also feature snippets of hunting and fishing trips to illustrate techniques involved in gathering ingredients. Designed for all skill levels, the episodes cover fieldcraft, fishing techniques, hunting, equipment, butchery, and of course recipes. Each series is a timeless reference guide for audiences worldwide.

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