3lb of ground Nilgai

One Red Onion

4 Tomatoes

4 Serrano Peppers

Good handful of Cilantro

Fajita Seasoning


Fresh Taco’s, Salsa and Avocado to serve


Finely dice one red onion and deseed and rough chop four large tomatoes and around 4 Serrano peppers.  Finely chop a good handful of Cilantro (retaining a small amount of leaves for dressing).  Add all to a large mixing bowl and stir through.   Squeeze fresh lime juice over the mix.

In a hot pan add the ground Nilgai, breaking up the meat as it browns to avoid large clumps.  

Add Fajita seasoning and stir through.   

Add the onion, pepper, tomato and cilantro mix to the meat stirring through until meat is cooked through.

Serve in fresh Taco’s with Salsa and avocado, Leroy likes to serve this dish with rice and beans.