Backstrap of Chinese Water Deer



Chestnut Mushrooms

Purple Sprouting broccoli




Konnyaku Noodles

Oyster Sauce

Sesame Oil

Soy Sauce

Black Bean Sauce

Dried crispy chilli

Salt and Pepper


Finely slice shallots, chop radicchio into two removing the core then slice.  Crush a bulb of garlic.  Slice ginger into slender strips.  Slice Chestnut mushrooms into chunky slices.

Prepare a pan of boiling water.

Remove any sinew from the venison then slice and add to a hot pan, season with pepper and add just a touch of salt (don’t oversalt as adding soy later).  Brown the meat and then remove from the pan.  This avoids the meat becoming overcooked and chewy.

Add sesame oil to the pan and add in the vegetables, stirring for 2 – 3 minutes,  add oil as needed to keep it lubricated

Add the Konnyaku noodles to the boiling water.

To the stir fry add dried chillies, dollop of black bean sauce and add the water deer back into the pan.  

Remove the noodles from the boiling water using tongs, straight into the stir fry add roughly chopped Cilantro and a splash of Soy Sauce.