Wood Pigeon en croute

This is a lovely dish and very simple to do. You can substitute pheasant or wild duck if you want.


4 Pigeon breasts
1 sliced leek
A big handful of wild garlic or spinach
1 glass of white wine
1 glass of heavy cream
Plenty of rolled puff pastry
Salt and pepper
A splash of sherry vinegar, and a knob of butter for frying.

Start by heating up a skillet. Remove the fillet from the underside of the breast – it will stop the breast cooking evenly. Sear the pigeon in foaming butter -season it first. Cook it for 90 seconds a side, then remove and rest. In the remaining butter, sweat the sliced leek until soft, adding a splash of wine and a splash of cream. Reduce until almost no liquid is left and season. Allow to cool. Put a tablespoon of the leek filling onto one side of the pastry disk – put the breast on top – more leek on top of the breast – egg wash the inside edges – fold and crimp – top with lattice pastry ( you can buy a lattice roller online)  – egg wash with beaten egg yolks, and bake at 200c for 10 minutes….