Suet Crust Fallow Pie

For this lovely pie you will need 1 diced shoulder of Fallow or any other venison (the Fallow is a tad smaller than your average Whitetail) You should get about 10 pies but obviously the number will depend on the dimensions of your pie dishes. Alternatively make 1 huge party pie!

Start with:

Flour with a pinch of salt and pepper for dusting the chunks
a knob of butter for frying the chunks
Fry the chunks until golden brown and set aside to cool

For the aromatics;

Using the same pan – Fry baby onions, diced carrots, 1 lb diced smoked bacon, a 6 garlic cloves and a sprig of rosemary.
add 1 tbsp of tomato concentrate and 1 can of pulped tomato to cover the veg and cook this mix down for 5 mins
add all the aromatics to the cooled meat
Deglaze your pan with about a pint of stout – then add this to the meat and aromatics
Add ½ a pint of veal stock
cover the mix with foil and oven cook on a low heat for 3 hrs. Make sure the venison is tender but do not stir vigorously or it will fall apart, and season to taste. Chill this pie filling down before you fill the pies .

For the pastry casing:

Ready made suet pastry for the top
Ready made shortcrust pastry for the base
Roll out the base and line each pie dish
Fill with the meat filling
top with rolled out suet pastry
crimp the overlapping base onto the top
egg wash the top of each pie
vent each pie with a hole

bake in a hot oven at 200c / 430f until the pastry is a golden brown