Pigeon Salad

Woodpigeon, bacon and black pudding salad – this is a perennial favourite at the restaurants, and is a stunning combo of flavours and textures.


2 pigeon breasts
2 tbsp smoked streaky bacon
A handful of crumbled black pudding.
A mix of chicory, watercress and radiccio leaves
Sherry vinegar
Vinaigrette – Olive oil, mustard, white wine or cider vinegar, lemon juice and salt, a tbsp of honey, whisked to perfection.


Fry wood pigeon breast in butter – not for long as they are best served pink and rare, de glaze with a splash of sherry vinegar and set aside to rest

Fry diced bacon lardons until crisp, then drain on kitchen paper. Do the same with the black pudding.

Slice the breasts and arrange over the vinaigrette dressed salad, sprinkle with black  pudding and drizzle some reduced sherry vinegar over the top.