Hunters Pie


2lb of Muntjac or any venison ground for mince
2 medium onions
3tbs of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
2tbs tomato pure
1 leek
2 veal or beef stock cubes
1 bottle of red wine


Step 1

Brown the ground meat in a hot oiled pan – the pan needs to be the same volume as the pie dish you will use


Once the ground venison is browned – remove it from the pan and add 2tbs of olive oil and all the chopped onions to the pan – stir well to get all the sticky bits off the pan

add a sliced leek
add the ground venison back to the pan
a squidge (2tbs) of tomato pure
2 (jelly type) veal or beef stock cubes
most of a bottle of red wine goes into the pan too
then cover the pan with a disc of parchment
simmer for 1 to 2 hrs. When reduced and perfectly cooked, season to taste.

Step 3

For the topping
Put 4 lb of baking potatoes into a hot oven to bake until crisp

Step 4

put ½ pint of double cream and 4 oz butter into a large pan
and stir in good pinch of pepper and sea salt.
heat this mix to form a creamy emulsion
scoop out baked spuds – into a potato ricer
and add the riced potato to the cream mix – add more cream to keep the mashed potato smooth –add salt to taste. Work the mash and cream emulsion with a plastic spatula until super smooth.

Step 5

Pour the cooled cooked venison into a pie dish (the venison MUST be cold or the mash will melt) and smooth the mash over and score with a fork. Beat 2 eggs and using a pastry brush, glaze the potato topping.

Roast for 15 minutes in a hot oven

…and there she blows – hunters pie – made with good old ground muntjac – outstanding