Hind Sausages


5lb shoulder meat from red deer
5lb of pork shoulder  – nice and fatty
Mince the meat twice on a medium setting
Add 2lb of lardo diced ( cured Italian back fat of pork. I dice it then freeze the dice on trays – stops it mushing during the cooking process.
and 1 cup of fennel seeds – toasted
A hand full of fresh rosemary, finely chopped
8 grated garlic cloves
6 cups of Panko bread crumbs
A big handful of white pepper, finely ground
Salt to season


Mix all the ingredients then fry a small bit of the mix to test your seasoning – add more salt pepper or herb
Pass the mix through a sausage machine into hog casings – link into about 9 in sausages – hang them for 24 hrs to set

For the bean sauce

Olive oil with rosemary and garlic to flavour the oil in a big hot skillet
Add a couple of handfuls of diced onion and sliced leek
and a grated garlic clove

Add two sliced red peppers that have been charred an de skinned
Lemon zest – lemon juice
A tin of canelini beans ( well washed under cold running water )
and a splash of white wine
A dash of balsamic vinegar
and a handful of chopped fresh parsley, then season to taste.

Slice the sausages which you have grilled to golden perfection and top the beans with them.