Venison Scotch Egg


  • Equal amounts of Ground Pork and Ground Venison (about a handful of each per egg, as eggs vary in size the best rule of thumb is to get about ½ inch of meat evenly coated around the egg)
  • A pinch or two of Sea Salt
  • A pinch or two of White Pepper
  • Soft boiled hens eggs (one per scotch egg obviously)
  • A small dish with a few tbsp of flour
  • A small dish with a beaten egg (egg wash)
  • A small dish with Japanese breadcrumbs


1.  Soft boil your eggs. This is best done by placing room temperature eggs into boiling water for 5 minutes. Immediately remove the eggs from the boiling water and place them in an ice bath to cool for 10 minutes.
2. Carefully peel the shell from your eggs, doing your best to keep the eggs shape (this can be tricky for some, both cooking the perfect soft-boiled egg and peeling them, but after some practice you will get the hang of it)
3. Mix the ground pork and venison together and season with salt and pepper
4. Form the seasoned meat around a soft boiled egg until you have a nice even meat coating
5. Roll the Scotch egg in flour, then in the egg wash, then coat it in Japanese breadcrumbs
6. Deep fry in very hot oil for 5 mins

Serve with Beer and Pickles for a delightful bar snack!

Tip: always try to use one hand when applying the flour – egg – breadcrumbs (this leaves the other clean!)