Onion Tarte Tatin


1 Sheet of Puff Pastry
A knob of Butter
A dash of Oil
A Metal Skillet that is no wider than the width of you Pastry sheet
A bunch of Red Onions, cut into quarters (enough to fill your skillet with 1 layer)
A pinch of Salt
A handful of Brown Sugar
A half a cup or so of Balsamic Vinegar
A sprinkling of Fresh Thyme


1.  Fry a knob of butter and a dash of oil in a hot metal skillet
2. Add quarters of red onion – flat side down – remembering that the surface of the onions that is on the bottom of the pan will be the top of your tart
3. Add a pinch of salt and a handful of brown sugar, sprinkling over the top
4. Add the balsamic vinegar and a sprinkling of fresh thyme
5. Allow the pan to cool a tad then lay a sheet of puff pastry on the top and tuck in the edges (best to use readymade puff pastry sheets)
6. Put the pan in a hot oven (follow the instructions for cooking the ready made pastry sheets for the exact oven temperature)
7. Keep a beady eye on the tarte. When its golden and the pastry has risen, remove it from the oven.
8. Place your serving board on top of the pastry and swiftly rotate it so that the pan is upside-down
9. A confident and swift bash on the table will dislodge the tarte onto your serving board.
10. Sprinkle a little more fresh thyme and serve!