• 12 large razor clams
  • Bulb of garlic
  • 1 lemon
  • Large knob of butter
  • Small bunch of parsley
  • Glass of white wine
  • Salt and black pepper


For the Razor Clams:

Heat oven to 180c*

Roast a bulb of garlic for 30 minutes or until soft*

In a large pan, add Lemon juice, a knob of Butter and a splash of White Wine and boil.

Once roasted, squeeze the Garlic bulb in to the pan and stir

Add Razor Clams to the pan

Add a handful of chopped parsley

Season with black Pepper and a small amount of Salt. 

Cover the pan with a lid and allow the Razor Clams to steam for 2 – 3 minutes

Once the clams have opened – they will be cooked

Remove the Razor Clams from the pan

Place the pan back on the heat and reduce the white wine emulsion until it becomes thick.

Remove the Razor Clams from their shells (Keep the shells for serving)

Cut out the grit-sack from the Razor Clams

Chop the Razor Clams into small chunks

As the emulsion begins to thicken, add 3 sugar cubes and stir

Add the chopped Razor Clams to the thickened emulsion and stir through

Place the Razor Clam shells onto a Serving plate

Add a large spoon-full of meat over each shell


For the Octopus:

Fill a large pan with water, add some Salt and bring to a low simmer then add the Octopus

Leave to cook for 1 hour. Once cooked, chill and it is ready to be frozen or to cut into sections and grill.