Smoked Trout on Sourdough Toast


Gut and clean Trout, add a handful of mixed salt and pepper to each fish inside before cooking

Place into Traeger on low heat at Temp 220f / 95c for 40 mins or until cooked.

Take the head and skin off,  and then the trout meat.

Add trout meat,a handful of flat leaf parsley and a squeeze of lemon to  bowl of  home made mayonnaise, and mix.

Spread onto crusty bread or sourdough toast.

Scallops x 6


Melt butter in a large pan

Add a pinch of Saffron

Place scallops into the hot pan

Add a splash of white wine and a squeeze of lemon

Turn once brown, add garlic salt

When they look Opaque once turned, they are ready

Put back into shells to serve with sauce from pan