Filet two Whitings, cut them into thin strips and pickle them in Lime juice and fresh Ginger. Season with Salt and Pepper.

Chop some Coriander and add to the pickled fish

After 15 minutes, serve with or without Soy Sauce

Foraged  Salad:


  • Fat Hen
  • Arrow Grass
  • Skirby Grass
  • Sea Radish
  • Marsh Samphire
  • Purslane
  • Wild Mustard

Marsh Veg Omelette:

Beat 3 eggs and season

Add eggs to a frying pan and cook gently in a knob of butter, stirring well

Add chopped Fat Hen

Once cooked nearly  through, fold the Omelette in half

Cover with Wild Mustard and Parmesan


Angry whiting:

Place the Whiting’s tail inside it’s the mouth.  Take a skewer and place it through the tail and then through the roof of its mouth.

Coat the Whitings in Flour, then dredge in beaten eggs and a drop of milk. Roll in  Panko Breadcrumbs

Add to a pan of hot oil and leave fry for two minutes, turning the fish halfway

Once golden, remove from the pan

Let the Whitings rest for two minutes

Add a squeeze of Lemon juice and some Salt and Pepper over the Whitings

Tartare Sauce:

Roughly chop Capers and add to a bowl of Mayonnaise

Chop some Cornichons and add to the Mayonnaise

Add a squeeze of Lemon juice

Season with Salt and Pepper

Stir through